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Ligament Sparing Knee Replacement &

Muscle Sparing Knee Replacement !!

In the huge gamut of implants in the market, choosing the right one is difficult. Of course, there is no ‘bad one’. It is a matter of knowing which of the knee joints in the world have a track record. It is now seen that there are various schools of thought. The european continent vs the North Americas vs Australians vs our very own South East Asian..

When we talk about ligament sparing, it all about the Posterior Cruciate ligament. These have the best track record for longevity. A compromised ligament and Posterior Substituting knee will provide you more flexion, however it is still yet to be last more than a CR knee.

Joints which allow sparing of the ligament are called Cruciate retaining implants, where as those where the ligament is cut are called Cruciate sacrificing implants.

The track record from various registries have shown that Cruciate retaining implants last much longer than those where the ligament is cut. A good discussion with the surgeon can help you make the right choice.